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The Private Alumni Network for
Syneos Health Consulting
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The Private Alumni Network for Alumni, Students & Faculty
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Re-Connecting you to
Your Alma Mater
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who can join this network?
    Alumni & Current students from all courses and Faculty / Administrative members of the institute can join the network.
  • How do you verify the identity of a member?
    A member can verified by any one of the following ways:
    • Member details matching with Institute Records
    • Manual approvals by Admins
    • Vouching by Signed up & already Verified members
  • Why is it important to verify identity?
    Verifying identity helps in building trust amongst the members & keeping the community safe.
  • Who started this network?
    The Network has been started by individual alum(s)
  • How did the website get my contact details? Why was I sent an invitation email for this network?
    The website allows members to import their email contacts and send invitations to them. Members also update information about their contacts such as Batch, Current Company, Designation & City.
  • Is my information safe here?
    Yes, the website is highly secured with SSL encryption certification & highest standards of internal & online security.
  • Why am I asked to sign up with Facebook or Linkedin Accounts?
    Your Linkedin or Facebook accounts helps in:
    • Verifying your identity
    • Keeping your profile always updated
    • Giving a way to your old friends & professionally relevant people to connect with you on those networks
    • Helping you knowing who amongst your contacts are already on the network.
  • What are members using this network for?
    Members are using the network to:
    • Re-Connect & Catch up with batchmates, seniors & juniors
    • Revive old memories
    • Know about what’s happening at the Office
    • Help each other in careers by advising & referrals.
    • Stay up to date with alumni achievements & important updates
    • Give back to the Alma Mater & students
  • I already have an account on AlmaConnect of some other network, can I join using the same account?
    Yes! You can, just continue with the signup process with the same email id or your Facebook or Linkedin account
  • I forgot my password as well as my user ID, how do I retrieve it?
    Please send an email to coordinator@almaconnect.com with your details